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Achieve seamless compliance with the Fire Regulations

If you are looking for simple, cost effective solutions for your business to seamlessly achieve compliance with the Fire Regulations in St. Helens, then we have the management services for you. Fire Compliance Management Services are well established and with 30 years’ experience in the Fire Industry, we offer a full fire compliance service to business and commercial customers in and around St. Helens.

Our team are based in the North West and we can call to your business, school, premises in St. Helens and will give you a free, no obligation quote for the work required. As experienced Fire Compliance Management Services we understand that our customers are busy so our FRACS accredited technical expert can come at a time that suits you.

Our fire compliance team can support you with a wide and comprehensive list of fire regulatory solutions including FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS, FIRE SAFETY TRAINING, FIRE PROTECTION AUDIT, FIRE COMPLIANCE SUPPORT, FIRE ENFORCEMENT ACTION CONSULTANCY, plus GAP ANALYSIS and so much more for your business in St. Helens.

Fire Regulations compliance services in St. Helens


4 easy steps to achieve and sustain compliance with the Fire Regulations for a one off cost effective fee. We can complete a Gap Analysis of your existing Fire Compliance status.
Will your business St. Helens based business fully comply?

FIRE COMPLIANCE SCHEME services in St. Helens


This is the ultimate control measure you can provide to prove you are complying with Fire Regulations. The FCMS Fire Compliance Scheme is an easy, peace of mind and cost effective solution to achieving and sustaining compliance with the Fire Regulations.
We Guarantee it!

FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS services in St. Helens


If you are the ‘Responsible Person’ for Fire Safety, YOU ARE LEGALLY OBLIGED to have an up to date, suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment.
We have a proven track record of creating cost effective results for your St. Helens based business.

FIRE SAFETY TRAINING services in St. Helens


To be legally compliant your staff in St. Helens must be trained in fire safety. We offer unlimited online training. All our training courses are designed to instill confidence and empower people to make the right decisions.
More than 10 courses to choose from for your St. Helens based business.

services in St. Helens


Fire Authorities around the St. Helens area are involved in an ever increasing level of Fire Safety Inspections of all types of premises. From Fire Equipment upgrades or new installations such as new Fire Alarms or Emergency Lighting or we can review your Fire Extinguishers.
We are a one stop shop.

FIRE PROTECTION AUDIT services in St. Helens


Are you a multi-site operation or organisation in Altincham and paying too much for your Fire Extinguishers? We could reduce your annual fire equipment spend by as much as 60%.
If your annual maintenance bills are consistently to high, speak to us.

FIRE ENFORCEMENT ACTION services in St. Helens


If Enforcement Action is pending (for your business in St. Helens) FCMS can greatly reduce or remove the threat of prosecution. Don’t let the burden of achieving compliance with the Fire Regulations overwhelm you.
Don’t leave problems alone, leave them to us.

Fire Risk Assessor services in St. Helens


Are you an ex Inspecting Officer having worked within a local Fire Authority Fire Safety department or an experienced Fire Risk Assessor or a competent Trainer in Fire?
Join our growing team of experts.

Can you prove your business is complying with Fire Regulations in St. Helens? If not, then you could be liable for prosecution.


£200,000: Radnor Hotel fined for non-compliance
£160,000: Bayswater Hotel fined for non-compliance
£95,000: Al Murad DIY Ltd
£76,000: A Manchester Club
£40,000: Lewisham Homes

Recognition determines your success


All of our fire safety specialist colleagues are all experienced ex-fire service personnel each with in excess of 30 years operating within our profession. This is a sample of the great feedback we recieve from our clients.

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