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The content is taken from news stories published in the UK and FCMS do not claim any responsibility for the content or facts contained within. The news articles highlight issues within the sector and the lack of regard for life safety.

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Shetland hotel fire underlines concerns over fire safety standards of modular buildings
Modular and pre-fabricated buildings are generally manufactured off-site and put together at the designated site. Writing for IFSEC Global last year, Ron Alalouff highlighted three main concerns regarding the fire performance of modern methods of construction. Article Link
MOHAMMED NASEER Zamir was prosecuted by Reading Borough Council (RBC) over the breaches at his house in multiple occupation (HMO) in the town Article Link
Unlimited fines for those who breach fire safety regulations
Government announces new regulations to boost building safety and £16 million for fire and rescue authorities. Article Link
The Security & Fire Excellence Awards
The Security & Fire Excellence Awards, supported by IFSEC and FIREX International, continues to highlight the very best people, projects and processes that the security and fire safety sectors have to offer. Article Link
Time for Change: Reducing Unwanted Fire Alarm Signals
A consultation by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. UFAS make up 31% of all the incidents we attend.
This means:
- We attend almost 30,000 UFAS call-out every year
- We undertake almost 57,000 unnecessary blue light journeys every year
- We lose over 64,000 productive hours to UFAS every year
- Opportunity cost of around £3.5million is lost to the Service every year Article Link
The Fire Safety Act: Royal Assent at last
Share The Fire Safety Act received Royal Assent on 29 April 2021 and became law after a controversial and lengthy passage through Parliament. The Act clarifies who is responsible for inspecting the cladding, fire doors and other parts of multiple-occupancy residential buildings to ensure that they are fire safe. Article Link
The Fire Standards Board
The Fire Standards Board for England has released a new Fire Standard to help fire and rescue services address capacity and skills when it comes to inspecting fire safety in non-residential buildings. Article Link

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