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A Fire Risk Assessment is only one component part of being Compliant...


Simon Brett-Fire Compliance Director at FCMS

I'm Simon Brett, Compliance Director at FCMS.

Through conversations with clients during lockdown it became apparent, that they need clarification to understand their fire compliance responsibilities. This has created an industry requirement for a Fire Risk Assessment audit service to support businesses.

We understand from business owners that they are unclear on their position when asked about regulatory compliance, especially since the impact of COVID-19.

Our Fire Risk Assessment audit service report will make your position very clear and highlight the actions you need to take in order to comply.

We are here to help.

Fire Risk Assessment Audits from £195

For a fixed fee, we will audit your current Fire Risk Assessment using BS 9997:2019 and also PAS79-2020, this will establish if your Fire Risk Assessment is adequate.


We have Accreditation to FRACS. FRACS provides a standardised and nationally recognised certificate of competence. FRACS Registration Number: FRA (C) 007. Check our Certified Details

We also have ISO9001, Safe Contractor, CHAS and IOSH and are members of the Institute of Fire Safety.


of SMEs who have experienced a fire never recover

Why do we recommend getting a Fire Risk Assessment audit?

Here are the reasons why you need to choose us for your Fire Risk Assessment Audit:

  • You are unsure if your current Risk Assessment complies with the Fire Regulations
  • Your business practices have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19
  • You feel a previous Fire Risk Assessment may be inadequate
  • You have been informed that a previous Fire Risk Assessment is not suitable or sufficient
  • You don't think you can prove you are complying with Fire Regulations
  • You want to enter on to the Fire Compliance Scheme

Our technical team of experienced and qualified Fire Risk Auditors can audit your current Fire Risk Assessments. We will tell you know if you are in possession of a suitable and sufficient FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT that is robust enough to withstand scrutiny by the Enforcement Officers.

The Audit Process

Provide Documentation

Send your existing 3rd party completed Fire Risk Assessments to us via a secure link. We require your Fire Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures and other records.


We will remotely review your documentation provided.


The Auditor will provide a report on your current Compliance status which includes an Action Plan.


The outcome of the audit will establish your current Compliance Status.

Compliance levels 1 or 2 would provide a direct route on to the Compliance scheme.

Levels 3,4 or 5 indicates non-compliance and a new Fire Risk Assessment is required. Furthermore, this could also indicate likely enforcement action from the local Fire Authority and an elevated risk to life safety.


A successful audit ensures you can join the Fire Compliance Scheme allowing us to protect your People, Property and your Reputation. More information

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Unavoidable loss of life

A judge has ordered two private landlords to pay a total of £14,858 for illegally renting out an unlicensed house without working smoke alarms to tenants whose teenage son died after it caught fire." Sadly, yet another case of Landlords failing to provide and protect its tenants.
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